7 tips to help you stay creative

It can be really hard to not have any creative energy flowing through you. Trust me, the energy is there but all it needs is a path to flow. I am going to guide you to create a way for allowing creativity to flow through YOU. Here are a few different things to do that will help you stay creative.

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to observe. Identify the place where it all started and work your way from there. Why were you stuck? Did you not feel like making art today? Yesterday? Five days ago? I can understand what you are going through and it can be really hard. But think about why you started creating art in the first place.

The most major reason why most of us fail to stay creative is because we stop taking inspiration from all the beauty around us. The simplest way to start is by taking a small walk, looking at nature, and taking inspiration from the smallest of things. But if you can’t go out, then you can look at the plants in your home, the detail on a furniture unit, the texture of fabric, or even at your art supplies. Just start making art.

After you figure out why it happened, start working through it.

Additionally, you can take the following actionable steps and work your way through staying creative.

1. Clear the clutter :

Clean out your workspace, rearrange your supplies, sort things out and organize.

Having a clear space is going to help have a flow of energy.

2. Look back on your previous artworks :

Find a trigger of when you were full of creative energy and kept creating. Try and implement the same or similar actions you took then.

3. Use a new medium :

When you repeatedly paint with the same medium, sometimes it can get boring. Explore a new medium to paint with. For example, if you paint a lot with watercolors, try shifting to a slower medium like oil paints or an opaquer medium like gouache. This change can really help give you a different perspective and get your creative juices flowing.

4. Pick a new color palette :

If you are a person who loves working with a certain set of colors, and now find yourself unable to create with it, it’s time to spice up your palette with a few new additions or just a whole new palette. This works magic. As much as I love playing around with bright colors, there are days when I look to more muted pastels or just a different set of colors.

5. Start a Sketchbook Practice :

Every time I decide to start a new artwork, looking at a blank sheet of paper can be overwhelming. That is when I reach out to my trustee sketchbooks. It helps me to get started and keep going.

6. Painting shapes or washes.

Make color swatches, make shapes, wet your paper, and just start putting colors on it. The whole idea of this is to get started with using your art supplies, and once you get into doing it, there is no stopping.

7. Make a Pinterest Board.

Find inspiration, find reference pictures and create a board of these. This will really help when you feel stuck and just need a little push to get started.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - Have a supportive community.

I cannot stress this enough but, a supportive community is going to help you so much, especially when you feel stuck, and help you work your way through your creative block.

There is a comfort in knowing that no matter what, there will always be a community of extremely supportive artists for you, that you have a safe space where you won’t be judged, where you can make such deep genuine connections with amazing people.

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