How to deal with creative block, permanently.

Being an artist, creative block is something which most of us face this very often in our journey no matter at which stage we are. Recently, I have learnt the root causes of the creative block is just an unhealthy mindset. In this blog, I am sharing my top three ways to deal with creative art block permanently.

What is a Creative Block?

A creative block is nothing but YOU blocking your creative energy mostly because of external circumstances which make you feel you are not good enough, and only YOU can get out of it permanently. Here’s how:

1. Don't have attachments to your outcomes/results :

Don’t attach expectations/outcomes with your creativity, because sometimes it might not turn out as expected and you’ll end up feeling disappointed, which will lead to lack of motivation. For instance, you start by making an artwork and it doesn't match your expectation, then set it aside, and get started on a new piece. It's okay to let go and start fresh.

Another example, even if you create a collection for sale, don't have attachment to the final sales because once your expectations are not met in the reality, you will feel disappointed and discourgaed. As an artist, you don't deserve to feel that way for all the beauty you create. Know your worth and value yourself as an artist.

Instead, set your intentions to be open to whatever is the best for you. The universe works for your highest good always and just allow it to work by trusting 100%. You will be suprised what unfolds for you.

2. Stop seeking external validation for your art :

As humans, we have this tendency to get complimented and appreciated by other people.

But you have to value your art first and stop seeking external validation or appreciation for you to feel good about it. Remember, it has to come from within, not outside.

There is no right or wrong in art. It's only how you feel about it.

And once you start thinking this way, notice how amazing and confident you feel about yourself and your art. The ideas will start to flow in, you’ll be filled with creative energy and stay motivated. Practising this is going to help you really long way and help you stay grounded with you create.

3. Create with joy :